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                  2018 - 2019 JUNIOR PROGRAMS

We believe that everyone is different. We want your child/student/player to learn the skills and develop a love for the game of tennis that will last a lifetime. We believe we have developed a great system for young players to learn, practice, and
play tennis forever.

We offer specialized programs for players of all levels and ages. From a division I college player to a tiny tot picking up a racket for the first time, everyone has a home at Tennis Match A





                             FUTURE STARS  (Ages 8 & Younger) 

                       Basic athletic and specific tennis skills.
                            Instilling the love for tennis.                       



                          ULTIMATE TENNIS (Ages 9 - 13)       

                                        Intermediate Course
                           Continues to develop technique, strategy and introduces a more 
                           competitive environment.



                                                                           HIGH PERFORMANCE   

                                Applies advance strategy in a competitive environment



                              SELECT (INVITATIONAL)                                      

                     Advanced juniors competing in USTA Tournaments
                          and/or playing singles positions in High School 



                                     JUNIOR INSTRUCTIONAL MATCH PLAY (Ages 12 & under)

                                                                                              Sundays 2:30-4pm 


                                     JUNIOR INSTRUCTIONAL MATCH PLAY (Ages 13 & over)

                                                                                            Sundays 6 - 8pm