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If you've been approved by Mark Spann for the Select program then you can follow steps below to proceed with registration for your child.
1. Please click sign in on the top right hand corner of this page to log in to your account. 
2. Click here to sign our consent form before completing registration, if already completed for this season, if already completed for this season, then follow step 3 to complete sign up and registration.
Forms only have to be completed once during the 2017-2018 Junior Clinic Season. 
3. After completing consent form, minimize screen (top right hand corner) on consent form to return to the registration page
4.Scroll down below and click the sign up button to complete registration process for your child. 

Please note: To register for the Multi Session Discount(Commitment Discount) scroll down to the bottom of page. Discounts are already calculated in the price. 

Contact Mark Spann for any questions